Heart-stopping video shows sub-10:00 wet motorcycle lap of Nurburgring

Heart-stopping video shows sub-10:00 wet motorcycle lap of Nurburgring
Andy "AndyPath" Carlisle is rather good at motor bicycles
Andy "AndyPath" Carlisle is rather good at motor bicycles
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Andy "AndyPath" Carlisle is rather good at motor bicycles
Andy "AndyPath" Carlisle is rather good at motor bicycles

It is important to exercise every muscle in your body, and if your sphincters could do with a tone-up, allow us to suggest a ten-minute focused workout watching this absolute madman rip a lap of the Nurburgring on a motorcycle, in the pouring rain.

The rider is Andy Carlisle, who knows his way around the 20.8 kilometers (12.9 miles) and 154 turns of the Green Hell a little bit. Of the three fastest motorcycle laps ever recorded around the Nordschliefe, all three were Carlisle, also known as "AndyPath," in case you were wondering what sort of fella you're dealing with.

Indeed, his 7:10 lap from 2012 will probably never be beaten; the Nurburgring management team have started sniffing out record attempts and shutting them down, "due to the annoying habit of them constantly dying on their property," according to an anonymous motorcycle industry source speaking to DriveTribe.

Even that 7:10 was set on a beat-up old R1 during touristenfahrten, which sounds like a jolly fun party, but is actually hideously dangerous. This is the "tourist drive" time, when the 'ring is open to all and sundry, so AndyPath laid down that 7:10 scorcher while dodging cars and bikes driven by ... well, anyone who happened to be out there having fun. So conditions for a hot lap were hardly ideal.

But at least it wasn't bucketing rain. The lap in the video below is a lot slower, but it's still a sub-ten minute bridge-to-gantry lap. Again, it's a beat-up old bitzer of an R1, largely stock but running proper wet racing tires.

Before you rag on his lines, remember this: nobody on planet Earth knows the bike lines for the Nurburgring better than Andy Carlisle. As he describes to BridgeToGantry, when things get wet, certain parts of the track get very, very slippery. What's more, this is his first wet lap in more than a year.

Either way, buckle up and prepare to chew a hole in your seat. The 'ring offers precious little runoff for bikes in many places, hence why racing and record attempts are no longer allowed. Better AndyPath than me I say!

Fastest WET motorcycle lap of the Nuerburgring Nordschleife?

Source: Bridge to Gantry

Nigel Perkins
Must have balls of steel suprising amount of grip in those conditions imho
Those crotch rocket madmen are definitely in a class of their own. That BlackDevil R1 Moscow ride will always remind me. I bet these people stay younger looking for longer too.
Wile E. Coyote
This reminds me of the movie "Brainstorm" with Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood (RIP) where they figured out how to record all the thoughts and senses of whatever people were doing when they were wearing this helmet and when you played the tape back it felt like you were the one doing that activity.
Gabor Pauler
It was super-shallow depth motorboat racing!
Martin Hone
Yes, some interesting lines, for sure. I can't think of anything more miserable than fanging around on a wet, but obviously cold, track. If I did, then proper wet weather race tyres would make a huge difference !
I've driven the ring. In a car. In the dry. It was terrifying.