View Quest portable WiFi Internet radio

View Quest portable WiFi Inter...
The WIFI200 portable Internet radio
The WIFI200 portable Internet radio
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The WIFI200 portable Internet radio
The WIFI200 portable Internet radio

Billed as “the first truly portable internet radio on the market,” View Quest’s WIFI200 lets you listen to over 12,000 radio stations and 7,000 podcasts, wherever you can get WiFi. Pretty cool. The wallet-sized gizmo even won an International Forum Design Award, so it must be doing something right. The bottom line is, you need never listen to Top 40 again... unless you really want to.

To use the WIFI200, you simply connect to your wireless network. You can just start listening if your network is unprotected. If it’s protected, you enter your password the first time you use the radio and it will remember it from then on.

A scroll wheel and an LED-lit screen allow you to search by country or genre. Sound comes out of a single speaker, like the transistor radios of days gone by, but it also has a stereo headphone jack. A single charge of its built-in Li-Ion battery should get you about 15 hours of usage.

The View Quest website lists mostly British dealers, so it’s hard to say if this item is available to the Western or Southern hemispheres. The average price is around £80, or about US$118.

I kind of like the idea of this but I would want to listen to this in my car and I don\'t know of many WiFi signals that you could pick up in a car?
Ben Richards
mrhuckfin you could always purchase any number of the new cellphones on the market that act as mobile wifi hotspots. I also believe sprint carries a product that is specifically a mobile wifi hotspot for up to 5 devices.