ViewSonic announces one millisecond video response time LCD

ViewSonic announces one millisecond video response time LCD
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February 8, 2006 – ViewSonic today announced the development of a new LCD technology that will herald the arrival of LCD monitors with a one millisecond (MS) response time. Capitalizing on growing demands for speed, design and op line technology, ViewSonic has continued a string of market "firsts" by demonstrating a benchmark one millisecond video response time LCD technology. Available later this year, the technology features the latest ViewSonic OverDrive chip, a plug-in replacement for a microprocessor designed to speed up the PC in which it is used. This is ideal for handling complex PC gaming and motion video applications with an ultra-fast response time that eliminates ghosting and delay. The one millisecond response time matches the speed and performance requirements of users such as gamers who enjoy immersive gaming action, digital content enthusiasts and fast Internet surfers. A gamer with discriminating speed needs, would see a dramatic difference when playing action games that have quick changes in scenery or character movements.

To establish response times ViewSonic compiles GTG response time data from 16 starting grey levels to 16 ending grey levels (total: 16x16 = 256 response time data points). They test all displays on a full 256x256 grid (total: 65536 data points). This more comprehensive test increases ViewSonic's confidence level in the resulting average response time. Many other monitor makers report GTG response time based on only a 3x3 or a 5x5 grid. The technology demonstration is based on Dynamic Structure and Amplified Impulse video response acceleration. The technology also incorporates ViewSonic's proprietary OverDrive Chip architecture that, in conjunction with the LCD panel and supporting electronics, delivers industry-leading response time without sacrificing front-of-screen performance.

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