Vincent Callebaut Architectures recently won a competition to renovate a historic thermal baths in Aix-les-Bains, France. As those familiar with the firm's previous work will expect, the proposal calls for significant sustainable design and technology, including lots of greenery, solar panels, rainwater collection, and more.

It's not clear when – or even if – Foam of Waves will be completed, but Callebaut's proposal calls for the restoration of pre-existing buildings at the Aix-les-Bains thermal baths site, as well as the demolition of some 1970s-era extensions and the protection of Roman remains.

The most eye-catching addition would be a pair of new buildings that, like Boscoe Verticale, or indeed Callebaut's own upcoming Agora Garden Tower, would sport greenery all over the balconies and roofs, allowing for the cultivation of vegetables and fruit. The buildings would be built from either concrete or timber and feature staggered wavy facades specifically designed to host planters.

A total of 185 apartments dubbed "Sky Villas" would boast their own garden space. Elsewhere on the site would be a shopping mall and restaurant, a tourist office, a wellness center, and a school.

The slated sustainable features of Foam of Waves include a focus on airtightness and ample insulation, so that the interiors could maintain a comfortable temperature without requiring much energy. Additionally, rainwater would be collected for irrigation and passive ventilation would be used.

Solar panel arrays would be installed on the roof to produce electricity and hot water, and some kind of biomass plant would also produce electricity too.

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