Often viewed as works of art, violins and other string instruments are not uncommonly displayed in the home. One Chinese company is turning a number of violins and other string instruments into speakers, so the display is functional. Instruments used to make the speakers, which also include bass and other string selections, are made by Hua Xing String Instruments in Guangzhou, China. A driver is inserted into the instrument, and the resonance within the resulting ViolinSpeaker is used to produce and project sound.

The ViolinSpeaker was on display last week at the CES, where its rich, full sound could be heard throughout the hall where it was located.

An elegant display, the speaker sits on a stand and has a wire that goes from the back to the receiver. The violin was displayed on a pillar, though it is just as easily placed on a bookshelf or home theater cabinet. The bass and other large string instruments sit comfortably on the floor.

A smaller version was also on display, which the company said is being tested for car audio. It is unclear whether the ViolinSpeaker will replace bookshelf or other speakers, or just enhance an existing audio system.

The product is expected to become available some time this spring (northern hemisphere). The U.S. distributor is J&P International Trading LLC. Details on the price were unavailable.

More information on the string instruments can be found at the Hua Xing String Instruments website.

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