Smartwatch owners with a Viper SmartStart system in their cars are getting some extra utility and convenience in their wrist-mounted wearables. Viper has just introduced its SmartStart 4.0 app for iOS and Android that enables control of various vehicle functions from an Apple Watch or Android Wear device.

Viper SmartStart 4.0 joins apps from the likes of BMW, VW and Volvo, but isn't restricted to models from just one manufacturer, with Viper claiming it works with "virtually any after-market car." Vehicles with an existing Viper SmartStart system or compatible remote start system need only the add-on SmartStart module installed, which provides the CDMA/3G technology to connect a vehicle to Verizon's nationwide wireless network.

After building a system through Viper's website and taking one's vehicle to an authorized Viper dealership for the required hardware installation, drivers can then download the SmartStart app and connect. The app is designed to help users locate, lock/unlock, and remotely start vehicles without having to reach for keys or a smartphone. With a tap of a smartwatch screen, trunks can pop open and panic alarms can be set and silenced.

Although most modern car key fobs have built-in wireless functionality, they're severely limited by range and only indicate proximity. With its CDMA/3G hardware, the Viper SmartStart 4.0 is designed to guide users via turn-by-turn directions, no matter if one parks on a street, in a structure, or in an amusement park parking lot. Vehicles can also be remotely-started to heat or cool the car before entry, depending on how the temperature controls were set.

This latest version of Viper SmartStart 4.0 provides additional features, such as sending alerts when the driver is speeding or crosses the boundary of designated restricted areas. The app is also designed to explain maintenance diagnostic codes or call for roadside assistance as needed. The new app, which is available now for iOS and soon for Android, is compatible with all existing Viper SmartStart hardware.

Source: Viper

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