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Virtual TV Station aims at mobile phone viewers

Virtual TV Station aims at mobile phone viewers
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March 6, 2005 Video phone viewership is on the rise and seems it now seems ineveitable that it will continue to rise until ubiquitous usage is reached in technologicially advanced countires. In order to capitalise on the wave of early adopters at the intersection of television, new media and mobile technology, a video-phone-driven virtual TV station has launched in New York, and its first major event coverage was the voyeur's paradise, the Carnival in Rio. "We chose Carnival because our viewers want something far beyond reality TV. Imagine a feature film made from 500 video-phone clips ... RevGTV users answered with everything from street performers and pet tricks to free style raps and extreme stunts," said RevGTV's, Joshua Selman. has outrun the media and the competition by launching a virtual TV station. Recognizing that personal publishing has marginalized leisure TV, hit movies and big magazines, the station syndicates clips sent in by a self publishing audience using the most personal of objects, the cell phone. Reducing the TV process to record, send, display and multiplying it by millions of handsets is proving far more entertaining than mainstream TV's extravagant parading.

"TV is breaking free from the studio. With the advent of virtual television RevGTV is bringing media rich personal syndication into the mainstream. We offer unlimited channels and see unlimited opportunities to monetize the video/camera phone. RevGTV is guerilla TV worldwide," said President/CEO, Ray Savant.

RevGTV' aim is to grow a guaranteed audience for its show-producing members. The company's executive team is experienced in the mobile entertainment and internet spacewith particular expertise in personalisation, gaming and social networks they are excited by the potential of the RevGTV platform. As video-phone users and mobile media buyers often exchange roles on the site, RevGTV represents an interesting amalgum of models in the ever-muddied media waters and although it is far from flawless, it is worth a look.

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