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Virtual windows: where would you like to live today?

Virtual windows: where would you like to live today?
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Most humans in western society spend more than 50% of their time indoors. Indeed, most humans look out the same windows while they work or inhabit their dwellings, and see the same scenes over and over. Quite often, those scenes are not happy or compelling scenes, and the window is more a means of cost-efficient lighting and an aid to overcoming claustrophobia than creating a particularly compelling ambience.

Ryan Hoagland lives in San Jose and came across a supply of 15” LCD screens and embarked on what he terms “the virtual windows project.”

The Virtual Windows above consist of eight 15" LCD panels connected via custom-built cables so the scenery can be changed to. Well, anything you like. The view through the “windows” is only limited by your imagination.

As Ryan pouts it, “Flat panel technology is quickly becoming bigger, better, and more affordable, which will allow for all sorts of fun ways to transport your domicile to wherever tickles your fancy. This is my modest attempt to view something more interesting than my neighbors.”

And once again thanks to the Red Ferret Journal – a never-ending source of remarkably diverse and interesting things.

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