We've seen a number of cards over the years designed to give owners access to different payment options from the same, single slice of plastic. The Dynamics Wallet Card from Visa and Dynamics is promised to improve on these in a few ways thanks to a programmable display and communication capabilities that come courtesy of a mobile phone chip.

Just like the Plastc, Swyp and the Fuze before it, the Dynamics Wallet Card is designed to declutter your pockets by storing information from different debit, credit and loyalty cards – be they EMV-, contactless- or magnetic stripe-based – on the one card. It is the same size and shape as a regular Visa card, but packs a mobile phone chip and antenna inside that affords it some pretty neat functions.

Working with a 65,000-pixel display embedded in the card, this connectivity allows data to be transmitted to and from the card anywhere, at any time of day. Additionally, different kinds of alerts can be instantly sent to the user. So if they've just made a purchase, it might show their remaining account balance, for example.

This display shows account information so the user can easily see which they're using, and if their details become compromised the bank can swiftly delete them and issue a new account number. Or if a suspicious purchase was made, they can select "Not Me" to report it and request a new card number on the spot.

Visa says that the digital card is self-charging and that banks can issue them on the spot at retail branches. From there customers can then activate them immediately and load them up with their existing account details.

The Dynamics Wallet Card is on show at CES in Las Vegas this week, and is set to become available early this year.

Source: Visa

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