Analog watches with just one hand aren't unheard of, but they are still far from the norm. The problem with this novel approach is that accuracy tends to take a back seat. The Visus Watch from Mykonos Design aims to change this.

The Visus Watch manages to retain a fair degree of accuracy by keeping the single hand stationary and moving the time past it, instead of the other way around. The single red hand remains in the traditional 3 o'clock position at all times, while the hours, minutes, and seconds sweep past in three concentric circles.

The outermost disc contains the hours along with their half-hour interstitials, the middle disc contains the minutes, separated into five-minute intervals, and the inner disc contains the seconds, with every fifth one once again displayed. You are therefore simply reading along the line formed by the immovable hand.

The face of the Visus watch is available in black or white, with a woven steel strap and buckle completing the ensemble. The Visus Watch is priced at US$50. The video below briefly shows the Visus Watch in action.

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