ViviCam 6200w waterproof camera

ViviCam 6200w waterproof camera
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March 12, 2007 Vivitar’s new US$230 ViviCam 6200w could become a landmark product in the evolution of the digital camera – it is the first waterproof camera to be marketed directly at the consumer. We see it as the digital camera growing up – what’s the point in having a digital camera if it’s so delicate that you regularly need to leave it behind rather than risk its demise. Now there’s a cost-effective way of ensuring your camera can handle the effects of salt, sand, dust and dirt. Not surprisingly, there’s no optical zoom, but it offers six megapixel resolution and it can capture underwater images to a depth of 10 metres.

A high-quality alternative to disposable water-resistant cameras, the best thing about the ViviCam 6200w is that it can be used in situations where a conventional digital camera would be left behind. The focus free lens and fast shutter speeds of 1-1/2000 sec. are ideal for action shots and conditions of low light.

The ViviCam 6200w contains 16MB of internal memory and features an SD card slot for an additional 1GB memory space. For convenience it is PictBridge enabled for direct printing and has high speed USB2.0.

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