Media streamers are rapidly gathering momentum as digital media collections grow, and it should come as no surprise to hear that the technology involved in streaming a collection of files to a TV is being built into more and more screens as standard. The Western Digital WDTV Live demonstrates how it’s possible to fit everything you need into an extremely small box, and such developments have encouraged VIZIO, the number one LCD HDTV company in America, to go one step further by adding lossless 1080p wireless HD support to its new screens.

A new line of XVT Pro LCD TVs will sport the technology using chipsets from wireless solution developer SiBEAM, touted as the only company capable of bringing lossless full HD video streaming to the mass market.

Its second-generation chipsets use something called adaptive beam-forming to direct content towards a specific receiver station, improving stability and quality regardless of obstacles and offering data rates 20 times faster than current alternatives; transmitting at up to 4 Gbps over the air.

“Our customers seek out VIZIO products for their combination of advanced performance, function, form and most of all unequalled value,” said Matthew McRae, VIZIO’s vice-president of products. “Working together with SiBEAM, we’re thrilled to introduce WirelessHD-based products to our customers who want a complete, high quality wireless entertainment experience with easier and faster setup. By incorporating WirelessHD into a range of new products, VIZIO will be among the first to introduce wireless solutions to the mainstream market.”

Indeed VIZIO isn’t looking to restrict integration to just TVs and is looking to include wireless HDMI adapters, Blu-ray players and other set-top boxes in its portfolio.

The technology will be demonstrated at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, but if you’re expecting to see it in action you’ll need to make an appointment as viewings are restricted to VIZIO’s private suite at the Wynn Hotel. Otherwise, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more details, in particular whether the performance lives up its billing.