Over two hundred vocal effects are now within easy reach thanks to VoiceLive Touch from TC-Helicon. Featuring a useful integrated microphone stand mount, the device offers performers touchscreen control over effects such as reverb, delay and pitch correction. There's also multi-layered looping, the facility to store custom settings and inputs for guitar, USB media player and MIDI.

The effects engine that powered the company's popular VoiceLive 2 vocal effects stomp box has been given a touchscreen upgrade and mic stand usability in the form of the new VoiceLive Touch effects processor. To place the rubber coated bent aluminum and die-cast metal device within easy reach, TC-Helicon has included an integrated microphone mount which allows the unit to slide onto the stand and lock in position in seconds.

Thanks to capacitive touchscreen mobile devices, tapping and swiping user interfaces has become second nature. TC-Helicon has brought that kind of experience to the 9 x 4 x 7 inch VoiceLive Touch where parameters are enabled and disabled by taps and double taps and options are chosen with the slide of a finger across the acrylic touch panel display. The interface features six effects blocks at the top which are used to shape the voice using such things as µMod chorus or flange, up to 2500ms delay and 30 pre-configured Reverb styles.

Underneath that sits the LED display, mix button and record followed by the preset or mix slider and incremental up or down keys. To the bottom right is a useful "Talk" button which allows the performer to temporarily bypass the effects to engage with an audience. In all there are over 200 presets to choose from, including auto pitch correction and a Global Tone feature that tailors adaptive EQ, compression and de-ess to a user's voice. Up to 25 custom favorites can also be saved.

The unit features a mono/stereo performance looper that allows the layering of sounds to enrich and add dimension to a vocal performance and the VoiceLive Touch gives vocalists the ability to create up to 25 separate loops with instant undo and redo functionality. Guitar vocalists benefit from dedicated reverb and µMod effects styles as well as a tuner and can get hold of an optional three button footswitch to make the device available at ground level too.

To the right side of the VoiceLive Touch are a couple of volume controls, one for the effects and a separate one for the headphone socket. As well as connections for mic and guitar to the rear there are also inputs for USB and MIDI devices.

While the VoiceLive Touch may well provide some assistance to those with questionable tonal delivery, it will find its most powerful application in the hands of those who already belt out a finely tuned vocal performance. It will be available shortly for US$499.

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