• Although TV professionals commonly use wireless microphones when shooting on location, decent-quality units are generally too pricey for use by regular folks using smartphones. The creators of the Hooke Lav mic, however, have set out to change that.
  • Vochlea Music's goal in making the Dubler Studio Kit is to help musicians "release the stems of musical ideas trapped in their heads and get them straight into their production software – by simply using their voice."
  • Many blues players use both hands to cup a harmonica around a microphone, creating a chamber around the instrument to keep out unwanted sounds from band members, improve tone and amplify the volume. The Dyna-Mic cups the harmonica to the microphone for you, so you can go hands-on or hands-free.
  • Sennheiser's high-tech headset puts microphones as well as earbuds in both your ears to produce incredibly immersive binaural 3D audio effects that really put a listener in the room with you. It also lets you dial the outside world up and down as you please with noise cancellation.
  • The human voice is a powerful instrument in itself, but Vlad Kreimer is looking to transform vocal sounds into synthesized soundscapes with the help of the Pipe, a mouth-controlled effects processor and synthesizer that turns the voice into a digital beat machine or rocking lead synth.
  • Science
    ​The ultra-fine nature of spider silk has provided inspiration for scientists developing sensitive new types of microphones. Further down the track, these new devices could be put to use in advanced hearing aids and phones that pick up sounds at much lower frequencies.
  • ​If you've ever used a wireless mic, then you'll know that it's much less of a hassle than using a hard-wired mic. If you're shooting with a smartphone, however, an adapter has to be installed between the receiver and the phone. Samson has addressed that issue, with its new Go Mic Mobile.
  • ​Olaf Diegel of ODD Guitars has created a microphone that a player of his Spider guitar might use. The Skeletor that came out of the SLS machine is a perfect stylistic match for the voice of heavy metal himself, Ozzy Osbourne, or equally suited to the king of voodoo rock, Screaming Jay Hawkins.​
  • ​IK Multimedia has updated its all-in-one audio and MIDI interface from 2013, giving the iRig Pro I/O volume control for headphone monitoring, MIDI thru for flexible routing options and the ability to charge connected devices.​
  • Science
    Scientists from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have created a new sound that we can't hear, but that is picked up by mics of all kinds. It could have some valuable applications, although there's also the potential for misuse.​
  • Video conference calls have become a regular occurrence in offices, but squeezing everybody into frame can be a challenge. To make sure everyone in a tight space can be seen and heard, Logitech has announced MeetUp, a 4K webcam with a wide-angle lens and microphones tuned for small-space acoustics.
  • ​Back in December, researchers from Michigan State University (MSU) demonstrated their ferroelectret nanogenerator (FENG), a paper-thin device that can generate energy from motion. Now, they’ve added a new trick to FENG’s repertoire, turning it into a thin, flexible microphone and loudspeaker.