Christmas shopping for the electrical engineer who has everything? Well, chances are they don't have the Voltmeter Alarm Clock. Made by novelty electronics manufacturer Awkward Engineer, it looks like a vintage analog voltmeter, except it displays hours and minutes instead of volts and amps.

Headed by entrepreneur Sam Feller, Awkward Engineer previously had success with its Kickstarter-funded Voltmeter Clock. Now, the company has added an alarm function, which is set using a toggle switch (with a snazzy red safety cover) on the side.

The device also features a custom-designed Atmel ATtiny microcontroller-based circuit board, an AM/PM indicator LED, an optional backlight on its display, and mode-select knobs on top. It's powered by a USB cable, which can be plugged into a conventional outlet using an included "wall wart" adapter.

Its sheet metal body is being made in two glorious color choices: olive drab and industrial grey.

The Voltmeter Alarm Clock is now available for preorder, priced at US$169 without the back light or $189 with it. That said, a 30 percent discount is currently being offered. Shipping is scheduled to start next April or May.

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