Volute – premium wine in single-serve aluminum bottles

Volute – premium wine in single-serve aluminum bottles
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November 26, 2008 Now here’s a simple but very clever idea we’re sure will catch on, through sheer necessity. Volute is a new premium wine brand producing red, white and rosé wines in a single-serve aluminum container. As the bottle is made from recyclable, unbreakable, lightweight aluminum, it can be safely taken where no premium wine has gone before – everywhere ! Concerts and sporting events ban glass bottles for safety reasons, and their use at the beach, camping, hiking ad infinitum is also impractical. The wine has no artificial additives, is sourced from small, independent Bordeaux wineries and is AOC-rated, signifying the highest quality of French wine. The single-serve bottles hold exactly one quarter of a standard 750ml bottle of wine - 187.5ml (6.3 oz). Available on-line, a three-bottle taster pack of all three varieties costs US$12 and a case of 12 costs US$49 – basically, four bucks a glass.

Wines in France are categorized according to a four-tier grading system. At the bottom of the classification hierarchy are Vin de Table wines from a mix of several grapes, sometimes from different European Union countries. At the next level are Vin de Pays wines, and then Vin de Qualité Supérieure wines. Volute is not produced from any of the wines in the lower three grades. The higher quality wines are classified as Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) wines, the only grade of wines used by Volute. AOC wines are strictly ruled concerning everything from growing methods and production to localization, grape variety, and minimum alcohol content. AOC wines are analysed and taste tested as part of this stringent legislation, which has been enacted to provide a measure of guarantee for excellent quality in AOC wines. All three varieties of Volute wines contain12.5 percent alcohol.

Volute chose aluminum not only because it brings qualities identical to glass in terms of compatibility with wine, but it also protects the wine from light, which accelerates the (bad) aging process. Aluminum is 100-percent recyclable, can be infinitely recycled, and results in significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, thanks to it lower weight. It has a lower overall carbon footprint than wine in traditional glass bottles. Finally, no corkscrew or wineglasses are necessary.

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