April 14, 2008 Seats which include massaging and ventilation functions are among the new luxury trimmings Volvo has added to their S80 and XC90 Executive models.

The new massage function consists of five inflatable pockets which have been built into the front seats and are pumped up and drained sequentially to create a wave-like motion that is adjustable at two levels. As well as massaging the lower back they also double up as a new lumbar support, while built-in ventilation is designed to keep the occupant’s body and clothing fresh.

As well as the new massage seats the Volvo S80 and XC90 Executive models also get updated upholstery in perforated soft material with a choice of three interior trim colors. The center console cover now comes in soft leather and optional 8" wide VGA LCD screens integrated into the rear of the front seat headrests are also available. Enhancements on the XC90 Executive also include hand-sewn leather in the door handles, while the Volvo S80 Executive benefits from an exclusive analogue clock set into the wood inlay on the instrument panel and additional ambient lighting in the door panels, storage compartments and in the front cup holders and along the floor by the front seat. The S80 Executive also include an aluminum sliding cover in the front console that matches with the aluminum panel surrounding the gear lever, whilst the refrigerator will get new lighting and the Executive emblem will be engraved in the crystal glasses.

The S80 and XC90 can also be fitted with all of Volvo’s active safety systems which have been available as options on these models since the end of 2007. These include Volvo’s Adaptive Cruise Control, which adjusts speed to ensure that the set gap to the vehicle in front is always maintained while Volvo’s new Collision Warning with Auto Brake automatically brakes the car if there is an imminent risk of a collision with a moving or stationary vehicle. The system starts by alerting the driver and preparing the braking system for emergency braking. If the driver does not respond, the brakes are applied automatically. Technology is also used to alert the driver when his or her level of concentration is dropping with Lane Departure Warning alerting the driver if the car crosses a road marking without the indicators being activated.

The Volvo S80 and XC90 Executive offer a wide range of powerplants including a V8 engine, Volvo's high-efficiency in-line six-cylinder 3.2 liter petrol engine as well as the latest generation of D5 diesel engines. All the engines are mated to a six-speed Geartronic transmission. The Volvo S80 Executive V8 engine is also available with Volvo’s AWD (All-Wheel Drive) featuring Instant Traction while the Volvo XC90 Executive features four-wheel drive as standard.

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