Driver Assistance

  • When you hear a siren while driving, there's always that moment of indecision as you try to figure out what direction it's coming from. The new iHear system is designed to help, by indicating the direction on a dashboard display.
  • It can certainly be a rattling experience for drivers, when they suddenly realize that the sound of an emergency vehicle's siren is coming from someplace nearby. Cerence's EVD system is designed to help, by hearing sirens before drivers do.
  • ​If you're cycling in urban traffic, then it goes without saying that you ought to be doing shoulder checks when changing lanes. Every little bit of added safety is a good thing, though, which is why the Calamus One e-bike comes with integrated blindspot assist.
  • ​While many kids do like pushing grocery carts, they can get kind of over-enthusiastic about it, and often run into things as a result. It was with this supermarket hazard in mind that Ford recently created the one-off Self-Braking Trolley.
  • Joining the likes of Volvo and Jaguar, Spanish automaker Seat has introduced a safety system that automatically alerts drivers to the presence of cyclists on the road, and then proceeds to apply the brakes. The technology is being debuted on the company's Tarraco SUV.
  • ​Mercedes-Benz has updated its upscale, outdoorsy GLE SUV with a barrage of high-tech goodies, including suspension that leans into corners, an intelligent, voice controlled user interface system that learns your habits, and some fascinating new driver assist ideas.
  • ​Although everyone knows that people shouldn't drive when drowsy or distracted, NOT everyone realizes when they themselves are in either of those states. Ridy is designed to take the guesswork out of things by monitoring users' faces as they drive, and alerting them if it detects danger.
  • Nissan announced an experimental new system this Wednesday, which determines what the driver is about to do, a split-second before they actually do it. It's known as Brain-to-Vehicle, or B2V, technology.
  • Continental's new head-up display (HUD) uses digital mirror device technology and advances HUD output a step closer to augmented reality, enhancing safety by better informing drivers and reducing driver distraction. It has been launched on the 2017 Lincoln Continental and the 2018 Lincoln Navigator.
  • ​Life should be a bit easier for buyers of the upcoming new Leaf, as Nissan has confirmed that the car will feature ProPILOT Assist technology. Although it should eventually offer advanced functionality, for now the system reportedly "reduces the hassle of stop-and-go single-lane highway driving."
  • ​Some cars are now equipped with systems that use sensors to detect if the driver is getting drowsy. While that's great if you own one of those vehicles, what happens if you drive something else? Well, researchers have developed a smartphone-based system that reportedly does the job.
  • ​When you're driving on a rainy highway, the windshield-covering splashes created by passing transport trucks can be pretty unnerving. You can of course quickly flip your wipers up to High, but Sweden's Semcon has developed a system that is claimed to react even faster.
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