Life should be a little easier for buyers of the upcoming new Nissan Leaf, as Nissan has confirmed that the car will feature ProPILOT Assist technology. Although it should eventually offer advanced functionality, for now the system reportedly "reduces the hassle of stop-and-go single-lane highway driving."

Once activated via steering wheel controls, ProPILOT uses a forward-facing camera and a 3D imaging system to monitor the road.

If there are no preceding vehicles present, it will maintain a preset cruising speed. Should the Leaf start closing in on another vehicle, however, the system will control acceleration and braking in order to maintain a safe distance behind that car. Additionally, as long as lane markers are present on both sides of the road, ProPILOT will control the steering (on straightaways and on curves) in order to keep the Leaf centered in its lane.

Drivers can take back manual control as needed – according to Nissan, the system should eventually be capable of navigating city intersections.

ProPILOT is already available on some Infiniti models.

Source: Nissan