Volvo has announced a partnership with fellow Swedish company POC, which specializes in helmets and other protective sports gear. The two partners will leverage their respective safety design experience toward developing new concepts in transportation safety. The first order of business is a car-to-cyclist communication system designed to increase cooperation between two- and four-wheelers.

Volvo has been a leader in pedestrian-detection technology, introducing features like pedestrian airbags and auto-braking. Last year, it broadened its Pedestrian Detection system to include cyclists.

"Communication with cyclists around the car is a possible extension of our groundbreaking Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection technology," explains Jan Ivarsson, Senior Manager, Safety Strategy and Requirements at Volvo Cars. "Providing the cyclist with confirmation that he or she is seen by the vehicle can make interaction between cars and cyclists smoother and safer in urban areas."

While Volvo doesn't say anything further about what the car-cyclist communications will look like, it sounds like the work will entail adding bicycle helmet-integrated communications to the Volvo cyclist detection system. The system could audibly warn the cyclist of the vehicle's presence and provide safety cues for passing, turning, etc. It may also increase the scope and accuracy of the car's cyclist detection.

Volvo and POC plan to reveal their initial results in the second half of this year.

Source: Volvo

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