Volvo unleashes 650 horsepower XC90 Power Utility Vehicle

Volvo unleashes 650 horsepower XC90 Power Utility Vehicle
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November 5, 2004 Volvo has unveiled plans for an all new powerhouse model. The XC90 Power Utility Vehicle, is powered by the company's new V8 engine which plans to produce 650 horsepower, sports a six-speed automatic "Geartronic" transmission and a computer-controlled all-wheel-drive system. Volvo once had a dowdy image thanks to championing safety long before it was fashionable. In recent times, a string of innovative and socially astute concept cars has done a lot to reinvigorate the company's brand. The introduction of the diabolically fast XC90 Power Utility Vehicle is no doubt designed to bolster the Swedish car manufacturer's image and attract new enthusiasts.

Boasting a lowered stance, an aggressive body styling treatment and high performance wheels and tires, the XC90 Power Utility Vehicle (PUV) builds upon the S60 R cars that marked Volvo's debut at the 2003 Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) tradeshow and the announcement of the new V8 line at the Paris motor show two months ago. The XC90 PUV, however, is still a Volvo and wrapped within its eye-popping new looks are a number of state-of-the-art safety systems.

Introduced with no fewer than five automotive world's firsts when it debuted two years ago, the Volvo XC90 was the first SUV to the market with standard Roll Stability Control (RSC), head curtain airbags for all three rows of seats, pyrotechnically charged pretensioning seatbelts in all seating positions and an incredible Dolby Pro Logic surround sound stereo system.

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