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Vornado room air circulator

Vornado room air circulator
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August 3, 2007 From palm leaf waving ancient Egyptians to the punkah fans of the Middle East and the first appearance of the electric desk fan in the late nineteenth century, the quest to keep cool has undergone steady improvements over time. The Vornado room air circulator is continuing this tradition with a design tailored to operate more effectively than a normal fan by circulating air around the whole room for constant air movement, rather than just blowing air in one direction. Though not an entirely new concept, the latest design achieves a tight vortex airflow that is drawn back around the perimeter of the room and recirculated to provide constant airflow and a more even temperature throughout the entire area.

The Vornado room air circulator model 530A draws air into the unit guided by an Inlet Guide Cone which acts as an air accelerator, increasing the air velocity to the center of the blade as well as assisting in the projection of outgoing air further into the room. The peep-pitched blades take big bites of air and accelerate that air through the circulator and a duct around the blade keeps air from slipping off the blade tips and helps direct it forward. An “AirTensity Grill” acts as a flow-straightener and further assists in focusing the outward stream of air into a tight vortex airflow. This high velocity beam of air projects across the room pulling even more air into its beam. As the beam of air reaches the other side of the room, it is drawn back around the perimeter of the room and ultimately back to the circulator to produce a continuous cycle.

The Vornado room air circulator model 530A features 3 speed settings, 5 year warranty, color black, length 24.8cm, width 23.5cm, height 32.4cm, weight 2.2kg, and has a high air volume of 7.9(cu m/min).

The original Vornado air circulator fans have been available in the United States for over 60 years but have only recently entered Australia. This 530A model will be is expected to be released in Australia in September 2007 at a cost of AUD$99.00

For more information visit Vornado.

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