When I think of camping I think of open starry skies, the sound of crickets humming in the warm summer night, talking with friends and family around the camp fire and leaving the madness of the city behind. If however, your style of camping involves dragging as many creature comforts as possible with you, the VuQube VQ3000 could well be on your wish-list. Billed as the first fully automatic, light-weight, self-contained, portable satellite system with in-motion capability, the VQ3000 promises uninterrupted satellite TV reception wherever you roam.

When driving, the in-motion satellite tracking ability should provide continuous signal and with a self-contained design and weather resistant enclosure, the unit is protected from all the elements. If you happen to be parked under a tree, you can simply remove the unit from the quick-release bracket and place it under the open sky. The self-install kit also allows you to secure the unit to an RV ladder without increasing the overall height.

The satellite is compatible with Dish Network, DirecTV and BellTV and as long as you have power, you can take it anywhere you can carry. It also includes DVB for positive satellite identification, Dual LNB for two satellite receivers and auto satellite switching which allows you change channels with the receiver’s remote control.

The VuQube VQ3000 is priced at US$1699.

VQ3000 Specifications:

  • Height: 17.5”
  • Width 16”
  • Weight 15lbs or 6.8kg
  • Wiring: bundle coax/data- 55’