As a kid, pogo-sticks always looked like fun, but were inevitably disappointing to use. US-based Vurtego, however, designs pogo-sticks for adults and they're a bit more on the extreme side. Its new V4 can launch users up to 10 ft (3 m) into the air and is ideal for a mid-life crisis.

Vurtego owner Ian Britt explains that the company's original aim in redesigning the pogo-stick was to create a "portable trampoline" that would let users get big air, but that could be easily carried around. The V4, which is somewhat similar in form and function to the Flybar we featured way back in 2004, is the most recent culmination of that vision.

Designed to be be robust, the V4 comprises an aircraft aluminum casing, a shock absorber to soften impacts and a stainless steel slide-shaft. The V4 uses an air-spring that is adjustable for anyone over 75 lb (34 kg). Users add or release air to change the stiffness of the bounce. This means that people of radically different weights can use the same V4 by adjusting the internal air pressure accordingly and that the bounce-height can be adjusted to a user's preference.

Air is added using a pump and released by simply pressing a button. By pumping more air into the V4, users can jump higher and, by releasing air ... well, you get the idea. The V4 can also be folded down for transportation by releasing all of the air.

There are three versions of V4. A standard model is designed for most appeal, and which will offer "a soft, smooth bounce that resembles a portable trampoline." The Pro model has a longer slide shaft for higher jumping and the Fit flavor is geared to exercise and performance training. As well as two color options, there are also small, medium and large sizes available.

An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is underway to raise money for the production of the V4. Pledges start at US$365 and if all goes to plan, shipping is expected to start from August this year.

The video below is the Indiegogo pitch for the Vurtego V4.

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