WACOM Graphire3 Tablet adds to interface options

WACOM Graphire3 Tablet adds to interface options
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Sunday October 19, 2003

The mouse revolutionized the computer human interface (CHI) - this simple point and click device enabled navigation on a much simpler level than had previously been possible and helped bring computing to the masses. Indeed, despite significant advances in voice recognition, the mouse is still the most used navigational tool in the world.

But for those in some professions (dentistry, medical, video editing, 3D, special effects and almost all the graphic arts), there is now a new and viable alternative click and point tool to be used in conjunction with the mouse - the pressure-sensitive tablet.

Whatsmore, thanks to growing numbers, the world's largest tablet manufacturer has been able to reduce prices to the point where it's new Graphire wireless mouse/ (wired) tablet combination is a viable alternative to a wireless mouse.

As more and more people begin to integrate digital communication into their daily lifestyle, many of them begin to see limitations placed on their creativity by old fashioned input devices. The new WACOM Graphire3 pen tablet gives them back the ability to get creative, and allows documents, images and even the working environment to reflect the user's personal touches. Of course the Graphire3 pen and optional mouse continue to incorporate WACOM's patented pressure sensitive and battery-free technology to deliver uncompromising control!

The standard 4"x 5" active area tablets have always been popular with an overall size similar to that of a mouse mat. With the rapid uptake of digital cameras, creative enthusiasts will appreciate the extra tablet real estate of the new 6"x 8" version of Graphire3 for editing, masking and navigating around larger image files. The 6'x 8" tablet comes only in the Sapphire colour, and both versions can be optioned with a matching coloured WACOM mouse for extra features.

In line with the concept of personalising the user environment, the WACOM Graphire3 also includes a new transparent photo frame that makes it very easy to customise the tablet top with the users' own images or artwork. Customised templates in the bundled software, make producing the underlay images quick and easy and also include all kinds of other ideas from calendars to CD covers. Another great addition is the integrated pen storage compartment at the rear of the tablet. Mobile users will find this especially handy with the pen kept safe and always handy.

While the new Graphire3 hardware is pretty impressive, it is the way that it opens up the creative aspects of the users' software and operating systems that make the biggest impact. Included free with each tablet comes a fantastic bundle of applications that make it easy to put the fun back into communication. Corel Painter Classic is a powerful painting and art creation tool that lets users discover the excitement in taking all the traditional art tools into the digital environment. Ulead Photo Express V 4.0 for WACOM, is also a brilliant application to help users make the very most of their digital camera images. It lets them change backgrounds, fix exposures or just let their imaginations run free!

The Pen Plus Personal for WACOM, will allow users to do a wide variety of document annotations and digital whiteboard options in the Windows environment and can also be used to incorporate handwriting into users e-mail documents.

Even the humble mouse has been given a complete work-over at WACOM. The Graphire3 mouse represents an all new design for improved comfort, finish and form. From the metallic paint to the gentle curves of the ambidextrous design, the Graphire3 mouse possesses a high quality, solid feel.

WACOM's mice are unique, using no cords, batteries or balls that clog up. Based on tablet technology, the WACOM mouse delivers the same resolution that the tablet supports and at 2032 LPI, it puts most optical mice to shame. Add to that the fact that there are no batteries to replace and three programmable buttons plus a scroll wheel, it's no surprise that it represents a vast improvement to other options on the market. Because the mouse works on the tablet surface, operation is always smooth and precise.

Business and notebook users will get an added boost to productivity and usability with the new Graphire3. Just plug in the new tablet to get access to all the extra functionality of handwriting recognition and pen based input in both Windows XP and Mac OSX environments at just a fraction of the cost of purchasing a tablet PC. Handwritten notes, graphs, diagrams and e-mail will all make communication faster and much more personalised with freedom to share thoughts and ideas in an increasing number of ways.

WACOM Graphire pen tablets have always offered exceptional value with the range receiving over 30 international awards reflecting attributes like the quality finish, functionality and ease of installation and use. The Graphire3 range continues this tradition with one goal. The constant development and delivery of optimum input devices to match the individuals own digital lifestyle.

The Graphire3 4x5 pen tablet sells for around AUD$135.95 and the new 6x8 model has an SRP of $264.00. The optional Graphire3 mouse has an SRP of just $26.95 and may be available through some resellers at a special bundle price with tablets.

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