A retired couple based in Singapore who wanted to live in close proximity to their adult child turned to local architecture firm FARM to help bring this about in style. The company came up with The Wall House: a lot containing two homes which caters for ample privacy, while also incorporating shared elements such as a common courtyard, and pool.

The Wall House measures a total of 1,116 sq m (12,000 sq ft), and features a primary two-story (plus basement) structure which contains the living and master bedroom areas for both the retirees and their offspring. A smaller single-story block also boasts entertainment facilities.

The ground floor of the main building contains a library, patio, water feature, kitchen, and guest room, while the basement below also has a pantry, wine cellar, and a living room. The smaller upper floor has only one bedroom, but also features a study, gym, and water feature.

The Wall House also sports a green roof, and several gardens filled with plants and trees which take inspiration from the classical Chinese Garden landscape style. A shared courtyard and pool offer an opportunity for the whole family to come together.

The Wall House was completed earlier this year.

Source: FARM via Arch Daily

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