Source R&D has just announced that its Warpia Easy Dock Wireless Laptop Docking Station has now been made available for online purchase. The system allows laptop users to wirelessly connect a laptop to any traditional desktop setup.

Laptops are an extremely useful part of modern living, allowing users to take their work and entertainment along with them when out and about. In spite of great strides in recent years to make them easier and more comfortable to use, on the whole they're not quite as easy on the ergonomic stress zones as desktop computers. Such nice big monitor and wireless keyboard/mouse setups can, of course, be attached to a docking station, but such things tend just to add bulk to a laptop bag and result in a mess of cables to deal with.

The best-of-both-worlds Warpia Easy Dock Wireless Laptop Docking Station from Source R&D is now available for purchase for US$149.99 from the company's website or Amazon. It offers the convenience of a laptop and the comfort of a desktop in one package.

Users attach peripherals such as monitors, keyboards and mice, and stereo speakers to a receiver and a USB transmitter to a laptop and the wireless signal is immediately recognized by the mobile device. The system won't leech from an existing Wi-Fi Internet connection and can support monitor resolutions up to 1400 x 1050 or 1440 x 900 (wide) and stream 720p high definition video and up to 48kHz/16-bit stereo audio.

Retail purchase opportunities are also in the pipeline, readers are encouraged to check the Warpia website for updates.

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