Most photographers have experienced the annoyance of having to lug heavy weights, typically sandbags, to the location of a photo shoot to help hold down and stabilize their tripod or lighting stands. WaterWeight is an new alternative which keeps your gear steady with (as the name suggests) water, and only needs to be filled when you're using it.

At the heart of the donut-shaped WaterWeight is a PVC bag with a cap button allowing it to be easily filled with water. This is encased in a fabric and nylon netting and, when empty, it can be folded down to the size of a mobile phone, making the 139 g (5 oz) device easy to store and carry to a shoot location.

When stabilizing weights are needed, users can fill the WaterWeight with water, which you're hopefully able to find at the location. The resulting 1.3 kg (3.3 lb) weight can then be used to secure a tripod or lighting stand. The velcro fastening donut-shape means it can be attached around the main post of a tripod or stand, while a handle makes it easy to hang off objects.

The ring shape also means it's easy to stack multiple WaterWeights if you need more support. Then, once the photo-shoot is over, the weight can be emptied, like those that are filled with rocks when needed, so it's lightweight again when it's time to take it home.

Some photographers might be concerned about using what are essentially bags of water near their expensive camera gear. However, in addition to pointing out that WaterWeight is designed to be transported empty and affixed at low points of tripods and stands, maker InspiredPhotoGear has conducted a series of safety tests. These have included pressure tests up to 15 lb force, and drop tests onto concrete from 6 ft (1.5 m). There have been zero failures.

WaterWeights are available now priced at US$50 each, or $110 for a bundle of three.

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