Here at Gizmag we've featured a variety of home energy management devices, and the latest solution is an offering from Spanish startup, Wattio. The SmartHome 360º is a home energy monitoring and control system that can be managed through a smartphone, tablet or PC using the Wattio Gateway software. The system's four components are capable of communicating with each other and subsequently with the Wattio software applications and cloud service, to provide comprehensive energy management capability throughout the home.

The Wattio SmartHome 360º system is a four-component package that is comprised firstly of a POD smart plug. This device can control appliances remotely with the capability to switch them on or off either by schedule or in real time, signal alerts to your mobile device for events such as power outages, or alternatively it can send appliance alerts – such as if the TV is switched on during the childrens' homework time, for example.

The second component, called the THERMIC, is quite simply a battery-powered thermostat to replace your current one. The THERMIC (along with the other components) communicates through the third component, which is known as the GATE, which has a color LCD touchscreen.

The final component, dubbed the BAT, provides users with metric energy usage information through comparison with data from similar homes. The BAT is a battery-powered energy monitor that fits inside the home electric box and can work for up to three circuits.

The Wattio SmartHome 360º system is all about making savings on energy bills and importantly, reducing the carbon footprint of the home through controlling some of its major appliances via the GATE and subsequently the Wattio app. With features such as the ability to turn off devices and reduce standby mode energy consumption, Wattio predicts that smart users can make the system pay for itself within a year.

Consumption data from the individual systems will be managed in Wattio’s high-security cloud. Data in the cloud allows individual homes to be compared on a like-for-like basis and subsequently provide users with energy consumption reports and smarter usage feedback.

Other features include a calendar function for all your devices, and the ability to simulate a home presence to make it look like you're having a party even when you're not home.

The current system has software available in Spanish and English, and most components have the capability to function in Europe and the US, with the exception of the POD – a UK and North American version of it is in development.

At the time of writing, Wattio is currently raising revenue through crowd-funding site Indiegogo. The Wattio Comfort pack, that excludes the POD, is available for a minimum pledge of US$179, with product delivery scheduled for August. You can watch the promotional video below.

Source: Wattio via Indiegogo

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