While sat at his desk trying to unwind, designer Frank Cohen was inspired to create a modern version of the Lava Lamp. The result is Waves: a smart Bluetooth speaker that sports rows of programmable LED lights which illuminate customizable diffusion filters up top.

Waves can play your favorite music while the LEDs flash in customizable patterns, serve as a standalone light show, or, when paired with a smart device, gently alert users when updates are posted to social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Pre-cut diffusion filters can also be affixed to the unit, but if you're the creative type, you can use scissors to cut blank filters into shapes of your choice.

Waves comes with at least 30 minutes of pre-programmed light patterns out of the box. It's powered by an Arduino board, and backers are promised a Software Development Kit to generate Waves light shows of their own. There's no user interface on Waves itself, so you need an iOS device, Android device, or a Mac to tell it what to do via Bluetooth.

The Waves speaker can also interact with other nearby units to create more intricate light and audio shows.

Cohen has launched on Kickstarter to bring the Waves speaker into production. Backers will need to pledge at least US$149 for a duo package, which comprises two Waves units and a set of filters. If all goes to plan, shipping could start as soon as December of this year.

The pitch video below features some more information on the device.

Source: Votsh via Kickstarter

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