Welcome to the new New Atlas!

Welcome to the new New Atlas!
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New Atlas has a new look. We’ve launched a raft of improvements to make it easier for you to browse our latest articles and navigate through our extensive archive, which now spans almost two decades.

What hasn't changed is our approach. You can expect the same independent, considered coverage of advances in technology, science, transportation, architecture, and design from our international team of journalists.

We do need to ask one small favor. Basic and Plus Members who login via email will need to reset their password. Facebook logins will remain unchanged. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We'd love to hear your feedback on the new site. Please email us at feedback@newatlas.com.

Loving the new look boys! Clean and simple. Keep them articles coming. Also easier to view and post comments.
Let me start by saying that you've all done a great job since I've started following this site a long time ago, well into Gizmag history! I love the variety in reporting, the writing style and the overall lay-out. The vertical timeline made it super easy to see what was new, and to pick out the most interesting article first by opening them in a new tab.
So my initial reaction to the new frontpage layout is 'not impressed'. It looks a lot more chaotic and inefficient (for browsing). Just 5 articles with a sub-heading. Less advertising space. Sometimes a working format doesn't need fixing. On the other hand, maybe you felt like the previous layout was starting to look dated. And your heatmaps might have indicated a poor use of screen real estate.
The article page does look better, with the wider format! But I will miss the gallery.
I'm curious if you've done user testing and what New Atlas hopes to achieve with the new layout. Would you let us know?
Looks good. IMO, category lists on front page should show articles ordered by newest to oldest. (While great to be able to search up past info, not interested in 2013 "Transport" News when I visit your site today! Shocking, I know! ☺) I hope you import all the comments from the previous site. This was some of the funnest part to peruse and engage in! Also, possible to improve the comments section to allow more conversation/interaction within your user community?
Boo! Hiss! You have ruined my experience! I loved the linear, simply design of New Atlas. I am a subscriber, and I read on my laptop. New Atlas is always the first thing I browse with my breakfast. I could scroll straight down, picking out the articles that interest me, and stop when I get to yesterday's articles. Now I have to hunt around the page and try to remember which articles are old. It is a much bigger cost in cognitive processing. I believe I even wrote to you once begging you to please not "improve" the site to the point where I don't like it anymore. You just may have succeeded. Boo!
I am excited to see the new style when I am able to see it.
I'm ready
I'm not sure "improvement" is the correct term. Sure, it looks pretty, but it's much harder to simply read up to the last article I read previously. Just like the last improvement that did away with the summaries, this seems to be change for the sake of change.
Nicer surprise, thanks
Brian Smith
Upset with having to check each category individually just to find what is new since your last visit? I found a solutions for us, do a blank search and sort by newest. This results in a listing of all new posts in order and in pages much like the good old interface.

I would have preferred the new interface consisted of a filtered combined chronological news feed that includes everything I want and nothing I don't. This would require a simple users preferences setting page that lets me check show or hide on each subjects I am / am not interested in.
The new format is worse. Before, I could easily tell which stories I had seen because there was a time ordered list. Now i can’t, so I’m likely to read less often, as I do with other sites that have made this unfortunate transition.
Please change back.
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