"When nature calls" – it's something we all have to respond to, and it can make outdoors adventures a tricky prospect for those used to life's little luxuries such as quilted toilet paper and something more than a hole in the ground. When Nature Calls (the proposed product, not the saying) solves the first issue, though there's little anyone can do about the second.

When Nature Calls is the work of Amy Pon, Sarah Jensen, Janet Molchanko, and Morgan Smith, all students at the Alberta College of Art & Design. They were tasked with creating something that "generates social or economic value" using a 2-liter soda bottle. The result of their brainstorming and design sessions is a simple storage device for toilet paper.

The soda bottle becomes a toilet paper dispenser, with the addition of a resealable bag keeping the whole thing waterproof. The hypothetical product is completed with "reflective tape, silicone, twine, and recycled paper." With a few additional items it can be hung in a handy place and have a light attached so that night-time toilet visits are made more tolerable.

If When Nature Calls ever becomes an actual product the students plan to donate the profits to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. However, as all of the materials used are reclaimed there's nothing to stop anyone else making their own version for free... though I'm sure the CPAWS would appreciate a donation all the same.

Source: Behance via Knstrct

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