The use of wearable computers is certainly on the up, and that's exactly where the Whipper will be headed if its rock-climbing creators have their way. The activity tracker monitors users' performance as they ascend gym walls and mountain peaks, offering stats and coaching feedback to help take their technique to new heights.

Small performance trackers are beginning to emerge for physical activity of all kinds, from skateboarding to skiing, to music-making and even sleeping. Looking to tune this tiny technology to the world of rock-climbing, the folks at MbientLab have built a small performance tracker climbers can clip onto their harnesses to keep tabs on their progress.

The team says it spent years perfecting the motion and pressure sensors within the device to allow for precise feedback. By pairing the tracker with the companion Whipper app, climbers can track things like pace, vertical foot gain, incline, effort level, location and altitude.

Through the app, users can also receive personalized feedback, training programs and set goals. As seems to be the norm with connected devices these days, there is also a social element to Whipper, encouraging users to share their progress, challenge friends, find climbing partners and plan expeditions.

The company is launching an Indiegogo campaign for Whipper this week to raise funds for production and further refine the tracker. Early backers will be able to nab a Whipper of their own for US$99. You can see the promo video below.

Source: Whipper

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