Life as a secret agent means you need to have access to the internet when you need it, as well as have the ability to carry around important files in locations where your adversaries won't think to look. These secret agent-worthy Wi-Fi cufflinks let you wear your mobile hotspot on one wrist, and carry around 2GB of important files on the other.

The Wi-Fi cufflink essentially acts like a miniature router. The end pops out, and when plugged into the USB port on your web-connected computer creates a hotspot that can be used by other devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

While most places these days seem to have Wi-Fi available, the wearable tech could be perfect for situations like sharing the wired-only internet connection in your office with a visiting friend or colleague. The cufflink creates an easy quick connection using just your PC, and can be disconnected as soon as it is no longer needed.

While you're using one of the cufflinks to share your internet connection, the other can be used to share files between two computers. The USB cufflink has a built-in 2GB flash drive that can be used to transfer files, or tote around any super-secret data that you don't want to leave your side.

The Wi-Fi and USB cufflinks are available now from Brookstone for US$250.

If you're in the market for some unique cufflinks (and the Wi-Fi ones don't do it for you), these mechanical cufflinks are made up of more than 45 micro-components (including micro-pistons), and are pretty 007-worthy.