Back in November we reported on Denmark-based Mads Johansen's effort to manufacture a novel two person caravan that can be towed by bicycle. Johansen reports that he has finished refining his design and the Wide Path Camper is now available for pre-order.

As is often the case when a prototype moves into production, the design of the Wide Path Camper has been tweaked a little since we last checked in. Johansen told us that he has increased headroom when sitting, and that the door's design has been improved. In addition, the manufacturing process has been simplified.

It's gained a little weight over the last few months, too, now coming in at 45 kg (99 lb), and measures 99 x 130 cm (39 x 51 in) when being towed, or 99 x 260 cm (39 x 102 in) when folded into position for camping (this process takes around three minutes). The interior height of the camper is 130 cm (51 in), and includes a table and seats which turn into a bed measuring 97 x 200 cm (38 x 78 in).

When quizzed as to whether crosswinds would be an issue with the Wide Path Camper, Johansen told us that it has been tested in wind speeds of up to 54 km/h (33 mph), and that the wheels are placed at an angle to increase track width and stability. That said, we'd guess that anything more than a light breeze (or the slightest incline) would leave less fit cyclists struggling to pull it for long distances.

A total of 50 Wide Path Campers are available for pre-order, starting at €2,000 (US$2,170). There are lots of optional extras available, including different colors, a mini-kitchen, an additional bicycle attachment, and a solar package that includes a roof-based solar panel, battery, interior lighting, and four USB hubs. Delivery is slated for July 1.

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