WildCharge expand wireless charging options with PowerDisc

WildCharge expand wireless cha...
The new PowerDisc charging solution from WildCharge
The new PowerDisc charging solution from WildCharge
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The new PowerDisc charging solution from WildCharge
The new PowerDisc charging solution from WildCharge

WildCharge has introduced a new addition to its line-up of wireless charging accessories - the PowerDisc. Small enough to allow several devices to be used at the same time on one WildCharger pad, the contact module is embedded in the disc which comes supplied with seven adapters compatible with hundreds of portable gadgets from the likes of Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, LG and Samsung.

Since releasing its conductive charging pad in the summer of 2007, WildCharge has steadily added more and more charging solutions and increased the number of gadgets that can be used with the system.

In essence, the new device would seem to be a similar but upgraded version of last year's Universal Charger, now adding LG and Samsung to the list of compatible products and offering even more charging combinations by increasing the number of included adapters to seven. And it's a smaller, cheaper option too.

The PowerLink adapters offer compatibility with hundreds of mobile devices from numerous manufacturers including mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, GPS navigators and even Amazon's Kindle 2 e-reader. A full list of makes and models which should work with the PowerDisc charging system can be downloaded here.

Note the small print caution that compatibility information has been based on published product specs and not necessarily individual product testing by WildCharge, along with the comforting "use at your own risk" clause.

Company brand designs can also be placed on the PowerDisc - infinitely more interesting than a company calculator.

The PowerDisc (sans charging pad) is available for USD$19.99. A bundle, which includes a charging pad, costs USD$64.99.

Other recent additions to the WildCharge range include charging skins for the iPhone and Blackberry.

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