April 9, 2009 Boosted by the buzz surrounding wire-free charging at CES earlier this year, solutions for powering up portable devices without the hassle of messy cords and multiple chargers are making the transition from curious concept to viable consumer product. One of the obvious problems with the early examples of this kind of technology was that each solution is tailored to a particular device, but now early mover WildCharge has released a Universal Adapter for Cell Phones which works with multiple devices across multiple brands.

WildCharge has previously released products that either replaced the existing back cover of the phone (Motorola RAZR) or are integrated into a separate protective covering (Blackberry Curve), but its latest solution greatly expands compatibility by utilizing interchangeable tips that plug-in to the phone's charging port. Over 100 phones can use the system according to WildCharge.

“WildCharge is shaking up the entire charging industry by offering the only commercially available, wire-free power technology that works with multiple devices across multiple brands,” said Dennis Grant, CEO of WildCharge, Inc. “This newest product, our first Universal Adapter for cell phones, provides a convenient charging solution that eliminates the mess of cords and breaks away from traditional charging technology.”

Working with the same conductive WildCharger Pad as used for previous products, the new adapter consists of removable tips to cater for different charging ports and a thin swing arm that nestles onto the back of the device with the help of an adhesive pad. The system allows for multiple charging at a rate which the company says is equivalent to plugging devices directly into the wall.

Of course it's not quite a one size fits all solution because different phones have different charging ports, so three different bundles catering for Mini-USB, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson devices are on offer. There's also the fact that you have to deal with a swing arm on your device when it's not charging, but that looks to be the trade off for throwing away your old power cable.

The WildCharge Universal Adapter for Cell Phones costs USD$39.99 (Mini-USB, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson). The Universal Adapter Bundle which includes the Adapter, WildCharger Pad and wall adapter costs USD$79.99.

More details on compatibility can be found at the WildCharge website.

Noel McKeegan

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