WilkinsonEyre has completed a £250 million (US$330 million) renovation and expansion of Dyson's headquarters in England. Aiming to bring something of the wow-factor of Silicon Valley digs like Samsung's to Wiltshire, the firm has also focused on boosting its privacy and green credentials.

The project involved overhauling Dyson's existing HQ at the site (also previously designed by WilkinsonEyre) and factory, in addition to constructing several new buildings: a new R&D building, cafe, and a sports and leisure facility for Dyson employees.

The R&D building is the most interesting. Dubbed D9, it hides Dyson's upcoming inventions from prying eyes with a facade of highly-reflective glazed panels. While impossible to see inside, those inside still have the benefit of natural light and views.

The lighting throughout is by Dyson and includes its Cu-Beam suspended lights and CSYS task lights, which are rated for up to 180,000 hours of use. A roof-mounted solar panel array reduces the building's grid-based electricity needs and an active chilled beam (a kind of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning unit) is used to bring fresh cooling air inside.

In contrast to D9, the Lightning Café is more open. It features standard glazing and double-height spaces, with James Dyson's personal English Electric Lightning Jet, hanging from the ceiling. This is the centerpiece of a collection of engineering icons scattered throughout the site that's meant to inspire Dyson employees while they eat their meals.

The Hangar, meanwhile, is a multi-purpose sports center for employees that includes soccer, basketball, tennis, and badminton facilities, as well as a fitness suite.

Extensive landscaping throughout the campus is also designed to add more privacy, and there's also a nature walk that surrounds the perimeter.

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