Readers may recall South Korean-based Moon Hoon's wacky Star Wars-inspired home, and the firm's latest build is similarly off-the-wall. The Wind House project comprises three vacation homes dominated by a large golden structure that looks, well, rather like a duck's head.

Located on a 644 sq m (6,931 sq ft) plot in the windswept Jeju Island, South Korea, Wind House was commissioned by an eccentric eye doctor who found Moon Hoon while searching on the internet and requested something strange. And the firm certainly delivered.

The vacation homes are integrated into one low-lying concrete building that sports volcanic rock walls and a clean minimalist interior. Indeed, without the huge golden structure up top, the building would probably blend in very well with the surrounding homes.

The golden "head" rises 8.3 m (27 ft) high. Moon Hoon says its design is based on wind blowing a woman's hair, though concedes it looks rather like a duck, a hairdryer, or perhaps even an alien. It is constructed from reinforced concrete and steel, with steel plate cladding that's painted gold.

Access is gained by a spiral staircase, and the interior, which is likened to a womb by the architects, has the look of a 1970s disco lounge. It contains bench seating and kitchen, a viewing point, and a bedroom (there's also a toilet downstairs).

"Previously I had been commissioned for a wind museum, which turned out sour," says Moon Hoon regarding the origins of the unusual design. "I had liked the idea and shape of it, many times I would make drawings inspired by the wind museum. I felt it was an opportune time to reincarnate and modify the initial idea. I proposed the whole thing to the client. It took some time to digest it, but in the end he was quite happy."

Wind House was constructed between July, 2014 and August, 2015, at a budget of 350 million KRW (roughly US$309,000). The looks on neighbors' faces when it was finished must have been priceless.

Source: Moon Hoon

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