"I want to give you the wind." It sounds like a bit of overly romantic hyperbole – the kind one character might declare to another during an episode of Game of Thrones (in between all the stabbing and beheading). But one company is making it possible to convert that sentiment into an actual piece of jewelry thanks to a bit of virtual modelling and 3D printing.

The jewelry line is called "Windswept" and it's from accessory maker Love and Robots, the name of which comes from the company tagline, "Designed with Love. Made with Robots." To create your piece of customized jewelry, you head to the website and choose whether you'd like a style based on a piece of ribbon or cloth blowing in the wind. There are pendants and earrings available in both styles. Then for the fun part.

After you choose your jewelry style, you're taken to a screen that allows you to input any location in the world and any date from 1970 forward. Based on your input, the program uses historical weather data to virtually blow the wind from that day and place it across the ribbon or cloth.

You can freeze the visualization at any point and order your jewelry based on that design, which will be custom 3D-printed for you. Before placing the order, you can rotate the view 360 degrees to ensure it looks good from all angles. If you're not satisfied, just push the "play" button and the virtual wind starts blowing again.

Pieces are available in sterling silver, gold-plated, rose gold-plated or 14k gold, and range in price from US$168.50 to $1,327. Because each piece is custom-made, it can take up to three weeks for it ship, so plan ahead if you're thinking of buying one of these for a special occasion.