The Withings Thermo is a temporal artery thermometer which combines a new super fast 16-sensor array to deliver some of the fastest and most accurate temperature readings available. The Thermo also boasts Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing smartphone users to log readings, along with other information such as symptoms and medication.

Designed to make managing and monitoring fever episodes easier, the Withings Thermo uses a newly-designed sensor array to take fast and accurate temperature readings in a non-invasive manner. Simply placing the device to someone's forehead and clicking a button is said to take a temperature reading within two seconds.

This is because the new HotSpot Sensor Technology uses 16 independent infrared (IR) sensors to locate and measure the IR signature and heat being emitted. Within two seconds they take 4,000 measurements while an algorithm corrects for biases, such as skin heat loss and the ambient temperature, to produce a reliable single temperature reading.

A vibration tells the user the reading is complete and results, in either Celsius and Fahrenheit, are then displayed via an LED display on the device. A color code (green for normal, orange for moderated, and red for elevated) also makes it easy to understand the results. Withings says this even makes it easy to take the temperature of a sleeping child in a dark room. The Withings Thermo is powered by two AAA batteries, which can last up to two years.

Thanks to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the thermometer can also automatically send temperature readings to an iOS or Android smartphone application. This allows users to manage fever episodes by monitoring temperature trends to have a clear idea of what's what. The app also allows users to log additional symptoms or making notes of any medicines administered. Prompts can also be set to remind users to take regular measurements to better monitor fever episodes.

The Withings Thermo – which has been awarded 2 CES Innovation Awards, Best in Fitness, Sport and Biotech and Tech for a Better World – is due to go on sale in the first quarter of 2016, priced at US$100.

Source: Withings

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