Following the lead of the Earthquake-proof school desk, Wood Luck is an earthquake resistant bed that can withstand up to 65 short tons (59 metric tonnes) of falling debris. Designed by Shinko Industries, the bed has been built to give users some “good luck” protection during an earthquake. And with the ability to withstand 65 tons of tumbling detritus, it may just become a lifesaving piece of furniture during an emergency situation.

The bed is built using cypress wood from 30- to 40-year old trees and features an overhead canopy to provide shelter from falling debris. The bed comes in several sizes including single, semi-double and a shelter version for care beds. "Most inquiries we receive come from people living in wood-framed houses. Seniors often ask about buying these beds, both for themselves and for their families,” Yoichiro Morita from Japanese company Shinkosangyo told DigInfo TV.

The Wood Luck beds start from US$5,600, and with the earthquake resistant beds don’t come cheap, the potential to provide shelter for several people during an earthquake could be worth the peaceful night’s sleep, price tag included.

You can hear what Yoichiro Morita has to say about the Wood Luck bed in the video below.

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