An increasing number of bicycle manufacturers are proving that a bike doesn’t necessarily need to be built from metal, and cardboard, bamboo, and even plywood have all been used with apparent success. With this in mind, the latest unusual bicycle to pop-up on our radar is Woody Scorcher, by Denver-based Connor Wood Cycles – a wooden bike that aims to combine form and function into a rideable work of art.

According to Connor Wood Cycles boss Chris Conner, “Scorcher” bikes derive from a title given to groups of bicycle-bound hooligans from the late 19th century. The name is now sometimes used to describe minimalist bicycles with clean lines, a basic drivetrain, and chunky tires.

Unlike the Splinter Bike, Woody Scorcher does make some concessions to practicality, and combines sustainably-grown steam-bent ash with Kevlar reinforcement in key areas. Additionally, the forks are constructed from aluminum rather than wood, in a bid to boost durability.

As standard, Woody Scorcher sports disc brakes, a Gates Carbon Drive belt system, and a single gear – though a chain drive, and multi-gear hub are available at extra cost. The bike comes in small, medium, and large sizes, and weighs around 25 - 30 pounds (11 - 14 kg), depending on the options chosen.

Woody Scorcher’s wheels measure 29 inches (73 cm) in diameter, and are fitted with chunky tires. Brooks saddle and leather handlebar tape combine with aluminum seat post, cranks and pedals, to complement the bike’s high-end looks.

Connor asserts that his wooden bicycles are tough enough for everyday use, and notes that riders need not worry about letting the bikes get wet in the rain. However, the manufacturer does caution that jumping a Woody Scorcher isn't recommended, as they haven’t really been tested with this in mind.

Woody Scorcher is available for purchase now, at a price of between US$3500 - $4000, depending on the model chosen. Build time is roughly 12 - 16 weeks.

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