The Woogie is an iPhone and iPod touch case that makes your Apple device considerably more huggable than those designed to add a keyboard or stop a bullet. Intended for those times you pass your iPhone to your kids, the new Woogie from Griffin Technology comes as one of two characters, which an accompanying app brings to life with your iPhone screen becoming the face of the interactive playmate.

Described as "half iPhone case, half huggable friend," the new Woogie comes as either Zee or Fee. The two are essentially the same except Zee is predominantly blue with a tuft of green hair, while Fee is a more feminine-looking purple and pink with a bow on the top of her head. Both are big, cuddly and probably not cases you'd want to be caught with on public transport for your daily commute to work.

The pair each have five floppy legs, which can be used to position the case in your lap or on a table for watching video and playing games, and a soft, see-through plastic window that protects your display from scratches. An opening also allows you to plug in a pair of headphones.

A free download Woogie app lets users pick a face to match their Woogie before seeing how it reacts and the funny faces it pulls when you tickle, shake and poke it. Little ones can also feed, dress and groom their Woogie in a Tamagotchi-esque manner, before tucking it in at nap time and listening to it snore.

Bluetooth allows multiple Woogies to interact with each other when they are near by starting to chat and tell jokes … though we're not sure what passes for Woogie humor. In-app games see you take a Woogie character on a series of adventures in situations from the backyard to the beach and even space.

The new Woogies, Zee and Fee, are available online from Griffin Technology for US$25 each.

Source: Griffin

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