Located just outside the center of Berlin in Germany, Propeller Island City Lodge is an unusual hotel with "artistic" rooms that include flying beds and upside down fittings. The rooms and interior objects have all been created by the German artist Lars Stroschen, in an attempt to create a hotel that is a "living work of art". While sleeping in a coffin or a recreated dungeon might not be what you imagined a trip to Berlin to be like, the hotel no doubt leaves an impression and we thought it merited a mention on this Friday the 13th.

Propeller Island guests can choose from a collection 30 unusual rooms, each featuring a unique theme and experience. The rooms have been designed without limitations, varying from the tame to the extreme, and provide guests with the opportunity to alter their perspective of reality. Rooms with flying beds, crime scene tape or re-created torture devices are designed to make guests feel like they have stumbled into a horror film. While other tamer rooms instantly transport guests to Japan, New York or a surreal fantasy land.

Some of the hotel’s highlights include the Upside Down Room which is equipped with furnishings that hang from the ceiling, where guests sleep in comfortable boxes beneath the floorboards. The Mirror Room is laid out in a diamond shape and the central bed is completely surrounded by mirrors, giving guests the impression of being inside a kaleidoscope. The Prison Cell Room is exactly that, a re-created prison cell with an exposed toilet in the center of the room. While for those who might be curious about the after-life, the Coffin Room even allows guests to slumber beneath closed lids!

Due to the artistic nature of the rooms, guests are asked to treat the furnishings with care and not all rooms are fitted with an en-suite. In these cases guests have access to the hotel’s communal bathrooms located directly adjacent to the rooms. Prices at Propeller Island City Lodge start from US$100 per night.

Those looking for a real-life creepy experience might consider a day trip to Chateau De Fougeret in Queaux, France. This French castle, which dates back to 1337, will be open to the public from May 2012 and is widely believed to be haunted. Although it is not a hotel, visitors can walk the history-steeped halls and take photos that may contain the unexplained. Night tours are escorted by mediums for those interested in attempting to communicate with the other side [good luck with that - Ed].

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