Remember those 3D MagicEye calendars you’d stare at, convinced that if only you tried for 10 more minutes, you’d finally see what you were supposed to see? Canadian indie band Young Rival has released their newest music video as one of those "autostereograms," providing enough crossed-eye action to ensure your eyes potentially stick that way. It’s also a neat demonstration of the Microsoft Kinect’s depth-capturing capabilities.

The creators used a tool called RGBD with the Kinect to acquire 3D depth information while the band performed the song. This data was “unpacked” into their images and manipulated as traditional video, but with depth information represented as luminosity. Next, an algorithm turned all the depth information into randomized stereogram frames.

Without properly viewing the image, a random dot illusion appears meaningless

The song Black is Good is viewable both as a crossed-eye and a parallel-eye or wall-eye format, since those who attempt to see these images can usually manage one technique successfully but not the other.

And for those who need to “cheat," they’ve also released the depth-map as a video, so you can essentially see what you’re supposed to see, just without the whole perception of dimensionality. All three videos are posted on their website.

Director Jared Raab has also created music videos which rely on other neat hacks, like manipulated oscilloscopes and 3D holographic projections.

The parallel and crossed-eye versions of Black is Good are linked below for your listening enjoyment and visual frustration. It's recommended you view in HD and on a large device.

Source: Young Rival via Ohgizmo

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