BlueAnt V1 voice controlled Bluetooth headset

BlueAnt V1 voice controlled Bluetooth headset
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August 27, 2008 BlueAnt Wireless has launched the V1 Headset, a totally hands-free unit billed as the "world’s first fully voice controlled Bluetooth 2.1 headset". The new headset allows users to dial and control other call functions on their phone without even looking at it.

Featuring advanced voice recognition, the BlueGenie Voice Interface and BlueAnt’s own Voice Isolation Technology, the V1 lets callers control their headset with voice commands rather than pressing multiple buttons. Standard Bluetooth headsets support voice dial capabilities through the mobile phone’s voice features, whereas the V1’s voice control is embedded in the headset itself. In addition to the dialing capabilities, the V1 offers full control of all headset features such as pairing, volume and connection status using only the voice. Commands such as ‘Pair Me,’, ‘Redial,’ ‘Call Back,’ ‘Answer/Ignore Call’ are all supported, in addition to a “What can I say?” function that means the headset will verbally list all features available on the device.

The BlueAnt V1 is the first standalone headset on the market to incorporate the Bluetooth version 2.1 and Enhanced Data Rate specification. The headset is small and lightweight (weighing less than .35 ounces), and incorporates new Comply Foam Tips and rubber ear gels to help block peripheral noise. Dual microphones promise clear communication in the noisiest of environments while Voice Isolation Technology is used for extreme noise, wind and echo cancellation. The device is able to be paired with up to eight Bluetooth devices so you’re not limited to just the one phone. Retailing for US$129.95, the BlueAnt V1 has three charging options (car, phone and USB) and offers up to 5 hours of talk-time or 200 hours of standby.

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