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World’s largest quarter pipe

World’s largest quarter pipe
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April 4, 2006 After jumping over the Great Wall Of China on his skateboard, Danny Way will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible on a skateboard when he attempts to break the world 'Bomb Drop' record in Las Vegas tomorrow. The current World Record is held by Norway’s Adil Dyani who dropped 12 ft 3.6 inches into an 18 ft ramp for a total drop of 30 ft 4 inches. Danny's attempt will more than double the previous record with a freefall of between 20 ft and 30 ft into a 46 ft high ramp that is 24 ft wide. He will then ride at a speed of up to 45mph across 64' of flat bottom into the world's largest quarterpipe (27 ft high x 48 ft wide). The Guinness Book of World Records will attend to certify the structure and the drop and the event, which will be held from 6-8 PM at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Wednesday, April 5, is free to the public. The event kicks off the CTIA trade show and was created to launch Ignition’s mobile phone action-sports content service.

Also making appearances that day are four or more of the world's top vert riding professionals, Bob Burnquist (X Games Gold Medallist), Pierre Luc "PLG" Gagnon (X Games Gold Medallist), Colin McKay (X Games Silver Medallist), and Jake Brown.

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