Not content with the world's largest radio telescope, the world's highest bridge and the world's largest amphibious seaplane, China can now lay claim to the world's longest sightseeing escalator. Located in the Enshi Grand Canyon in Hubei province, it measures 688 meters (2,257 ft) long and has recently opened to tourists in central China.

With its spectacular views, the Enshi Grand Canyon is a magnet for tourists, who can now enjoy a relaxing ride as they take in the sights. And it should be able to handle any potential crowds, with its ability to transport up to 7,300 visitors an hour and expectations it will carry 300,000 people per year.

Located at the Qixingzhai scenic spot, the escalator follows a "∑" shape along the mountainside and is constructed from ecologically sustainable materials, including the wooden structure and gray tile roof. It was opened earlier this month during the week-long National Day holiday and costs 20 yuan (US$3) per visitor.

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