World's Slimmest USB Flash Drive fits comfortably in a wallet

World's Slimmest USB Flash Drive fits comfortably in a wallet
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January 19, 2006 A boy’s first wallet is unquestionably one of the male rights of passage – a step on the road to the status of manhood. At first, the problem is finding anything important enough to carry in the wallet, but as life becomes more complex with age, the problem soon becomes how to fit it all in. In recent times, the small size and growing importance of portable storage has already seen a lightning fast adoption rate leading to a remarkable diversity in the form factors of portable drives – wrist bands, key chains, and now a card holding up to 2GB that is designed to fit into a wallet and at the same time offer an advertising and promotional medium with substantial advertising space – the Walletex Wallet Flash 1.1, is the world's first credit card-sized wallet flash drive (the marketers have coined their own acronym – WFD – but we suspect this will not become part of everyday language).

Wallet Flash provides the user with several advantages over other flash drives:

    it fits easily into a wallet so it has less chance of getting lost, forgotten or misplaced in that it has a logical “home”the double-sided connector fits easily into hard-to-reach USB ports;it is waterproof and heat tolerant; its unique design lends itself to private labeling, branding and other promotional opportunities.

The Wallet Flash design offers a unique form factor providing companies the ability to use its credit card shape to design high-end promotional gifts. NextNine, a leading global technology provider of automated remote service and support solutions for business-critical systems, recently purchased Wallet Flash for its upcoming customer conference. "Wallet Flash is the perfect business gift because it combines the functionality of a disk on key with the advantage of substantial advertising space," said Diana Moses, senior product marketing manager at NextNine.
Wallet Flash is currently available with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 compatible connectivity and in storage capacities ranging from 128MB to 1GB. The suggested retail price ranges from US$29 to US$156. Walletex is actively expanding its sales channels both online and in traditional retail outlets in the United States later in 2006.

Currently, consumers can purchase the Wallet Flash product by going to the company web site

Businesses interested in purchasing the Wallet Flash product for promotional gift purposes can contact (U.S.) 212-461-4861.

View gallery - 7 images
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1 comment
We\'ve just released WalletWebUSB - a credit card style drive pre-loaded with free portable applications and web server that run without installation.
It\'s a 4GB drive but still has over 2GB free space with all the applications and QuickStart Guide installed.
WalletWebUSB is similar to the above but the USB connector doesn\'t protrude from the side when not in use. It\'s still very thin and fits easily in a wallet unlike some chunkier devices out there.
The website with full details is:
It\'s only available in the EU at the moment but may be available elsewhere later.
Hope this helps bring things up to date :)